Find Today your Maid or Nanny in Bahrain!

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All our candidates are in Bahrain!

  1. Check our database and find the ideal candidate
  2. Become our member starting from 31 BHD and contact as many candidates as you want for a month
  3. Set up the first interview with the Nanny or Maid you have chosen.

Our candidates verification and screening process:

We carefully verify and screen all our nannies and maids.
Only 1 in 30 applicants make it through!

All the candidates have to pass our 7 step checking process

  • Verified references
  • In person interview
  • Written and oral exam for English/Arab levels
  • Written and oral exam for childcare ablility
  • Identification and document check
  • Proof of address in Bahrain
  • Permission to work in Bahrain
  • Background screening and reference check of previous jobs in the Middle East if any

Excellent customer service


We highly recommend this service, we were looking for nanny for our newborn daughter, this website helped us to find the right one for our house and daughter. Thank you for being such helpful.

Anthony T.


What’s the process?

Save time and money with us. Have a look at our database, find the right person and contact them.
We will give you:

  • Full access to our database.
  • Easy way to select the best nanny or maid with our research filters.
  • You can see pictures, names, nationality etc.
  • Upgrade when you are ready to make contact.

What’s the process?

Save thousands of Dinars

No hidden agency fees, by using our Nannies and Maids service.
No middle man to pay, only a one time small fee to pay with us.
Some agencies will ask you up to 1400 BHD to find you a nanny or a maid. With us the starting price is: 31 BHD!
What are you waiting for?

Save thousands of Dinars

All our candidates are in Bahrain !

In our website you can find Nannies and Maids part time or full time.
You can choose the age, the experience and many other parameters.
Choose short term or seasonal workers (ex. Summer time only) as well as after school nannies, part time, full time, live in or live out.
Find the perfect Nanny and/or Maid with us in few clicks today!
Check out our large and screened database of verified nannies and maids.

All our candidates are in Bahrain!